Comforting Poems of Life, Love, and Happiness presents a collection of poems addressing many different facets of life, nature, and relationships. Poet Waldemar F. Kissel III seeks to encourage everyone to live, love, and be kind, for only then will we see a happier, healthier world. Lighthearted, humorous, and touching at times, these poems evoke emotions that will bring a smile and a warm heart to many.



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A Sample Of Each Poem:

A Special Hand On Me
Magic Of A Simple Smile And Hello
Peace And Serenity
Relaxing Massage

Waldemar F. Kissel III has a BA in business administration from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He has traveled extensively, visiting locations such as Hawaii, the Bahamas, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and St. Petersburg, Russia. Currently, he lives in Gainesville, Florida.


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